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May they speak for themselves! 


"I've know Azia for many years, she has always been a very charismatic, down to earth person who loves people. She has this ability to connect with people from all walks of life on a personable leve, which I think makes her a perfect matchmaker. I trust Azia as a matchmaker not only because of her charisma, but also because she has taken the time to invest in her matchmaking qualifications by obtaining degrees in psychology and taking it a step further by pursuing a marriage and family therapy certification so when she finds your special someone she can counsel you to have a healthy relationship. "



“Azia is a one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met! Taking the professionalism away for just a second, with Azia, you have someone who is sweet, gentle, a great listener, an amazing confidant, and all about helping The People. You add her professionalism after that and I see a well rounded individual. That’s been my experience working with Azia and I’m excited to continue our journey together.”





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