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Why Do Women Choose Wack Men?



This isn't the first time I've been asked why it seems like women tend to overlook good men and choose "bad boys". And please know that there are men who choose "wack" women too. But is this a myth? Do women really prefer bad boys over good men?

Let me be the first to tell you, GOOD MEN ARE STILL WINNING. Of course different women are attracted to different things but overall, women still desire good men (although everyone's definition of "good" is different).

But back to the reason why:

We as human tend to accept relationships we think we deserve or what seems like the only available option. Some women subconsciously believe that they don't deserve a good man for whatever reason, so they settle for decent -- or just available. If the woman has had a history with less than great men, she may believe that's all she deserves and won't accept anything greater. Some may even self-sabotage interactions with good men because it's "too good to be true" (because good men don't actually exist, right?). If the men she has grown up around have been less than great too, why would she expect to find anything different?

There are also women who focus all of their attention on physical attraction and choose their mates based on who looks the best, not necessarily who IS the best. Other women are simply afraid to be alone and settle for whoever is available and willing to meet only some of their needs.

And then there are times the men actually aren't wack and the outside man is just jealous and believes he can do better. But who are we to judge!

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