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What do you think about long distance relationships? What are some tips you could give?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Long-distance relationships can be beautiful. We may all desire close proximity when dating someone, but long-distance relationships (when done correctly) can give couples a stronger foundation. It forces you to think outside the box and get creative. It forces you to communicate and make time for each other, which are two things that couples who live down the street often difficulty doing. It forces you to TRY. As a matchmaker, I may not pair a client with someone in the same city because I understand that proximity does not equal compatibility.

One piece of advice I would like to give couples in a long-distance relationship is to make time for each other. Schedule an intentional, distraction-free date night at least once, maybe twice a week and go to a restaurant in your city (or some other place like a park, museum, or stay home) and video chat your partner. This will likely take some sacrifice, especially for those in different time zones. Someone may have to stay up late or someone else might have to wake up early, or it may be one person that always drives/flies to the other’s city. Part of love is sacrifice, especially in a long-distance relationship, so be prepared to sacrifice something. Now, keep in mind that one person sacrificing ALL THE TIME is not healthy! That's not what I mean.

Another very important tip is to communicate. If something is bothering you, speak up in a stern yet calm way. This is why date night is so important where the two of you can spend time talking about your relationship and focusing on each other. Not only should you learn to articulate your complaints, but learn to communicate love and appreciation to one another. Read about the 5 love languages (click here to purchase the book through my affiliate link) and take time discovering which ones fit you. Then practice them regularly with each other. Four out of five of them can be done relatively easily (touch is the hardest) but author Dr. Gary Chapman recommends sending your significant other a picture of you, teddy bear, hoodie, etc. that they can touch when they miss you. I’ve already said it, but I’m going to say it again; BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE. As mentioned earlier, long-distance relationships force couples to try. Things can work out when two people are prepared to sacrifice their time, money and sometimes convenience to make their special person feel special.

Don't give up. Don't let distance get in between the two of you. There are resources and technology that can make things easier. When both of you are ready, consider moving closer to one another.

If you would like more information on how to make long-distance work or would like to work with me as a coaching client, please email me at My goal is to not only help people find love through matchmaking, but to also help couples stay in love. Let me know how I can help you.

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